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Owning Company: Funeral Partners Ltd
John Gray and Co Funeral Directors was established in 1960.
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John Gray and Co Funeral Directors was founded in 1960.

Our dedicated teams at our Bangor and Holywood funeral homes are committed to creating tailored funerals that reflect the unique life of your loved one.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, by telephone, and are here to discuss your needs. Or if you prefer, we can visit your home to discuss funeral arrangements’
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3.7 stars out of 6 reviews
3 weeks ago
Following the passing of my father I entrusted the necessary arrangements to John Gray's of Bangor as they had previously so professionally and caringly undertook the funeral of my mother. On both occasions my family and I were supported and advised by Gerald who demonstrated such a compassionate and human understanding that the whole experience...
TomJ Johnston via Google
8 months ago
My mums funeral was from john grays in 2018. So professionally done. The staff were so helpful and respectful of our wishes. Would highly recommend them
Caroline Stoneman via Google
6 years ago
Very unhappy about how my dads service was carried out. Requested a non religious service as my father was Atheist as are all his children myself included. The funeral director who performed the service completely disregarded my dads wishes. After the planned service he started to talk about god going as far as saying " The deceased was not a be...
DEadJACK4090 via Google
2 years ago
Let's not bother with the exorbitant fees. We were prepared for that, and knew that a royal fleecing would be in order (which it duly was).What we were NOT prepared for was a questionnaire through the door of my mother's house one week after her funeral asking "how did we do" etc. It really upset my stepfather, and showed a complete lack of empa...
Steve Jones via Google
3 years ago
My name is Wendy Albin and most of my deceased family have been laid to rest from John Gray & co. I have NEVER had ANY problem with ANY aspect of their service. I have seen my granny,my mum,my dad and my aunt all go from John Gray funeral home and was granted my requests in EVERY circumstance. I found the staff to be amiable,polite,respectful,pr...
Rhem82 via Google